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(My second built 3D game)

The year is 1918, the dead have awoken and will rise for revenge...

No Man's Land made by Ethan Jones

With my enjoyment of history and war games I was inspired to create the idea of a First-Person-Shooter World War 1 zombie game. You are a soldier in a trench and will explore through the area of No Man's Land and survive against bloodthirsty creatures whilst looting multiple weapon types to use throughout the level as you progress, the aspects of the game will become more difficult as you go through...


  • Multiple paths to take and explore 
  • A variety of weapons to loot and use
  • Increasingly difficult gameplay the game will become harder the more you progress
  • Environmental hazards e.g minefield, gas area

This game works for PC only.

Controls are inside the game menu. 

(The game is quite buggy as it was a college project being my second full build 3D game but its playable)

Here is my portfolio: Website

Feel free to check out my patreon if you want to support me - https://www.patreon.com/ethanljones


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please make it into multiplayer


sys requirement please

Very fun game to play! It really reminded me of the game Unturned, which I played a lot with friends. The style, way it works.. lots of fun really!

There were some major issues, however.. The main one being that after some time, for no specific reason, my weapons would be 'broken'. Not able to aim/shoot with them. At one point, I was even unable to switch between weapons. I also got stuck behind corpses sometimes.

That being said, I'd love to  play more of the game or something similar, if said issues would be fixed, of course!

Like some others, I made a video on my gameplay too! It also shows you the issues I had with the weapons. Feel free to have a look!

The game was a fun experience, but it does have some minor problems. Mostly that many of the guns have trouble damaging zombies and some ai stuffs. But it was still great fun!

This was a really cool game to play. Graphics and sounds were fantastic totally creating the atmosphere and immersion... :)

Nice game, love the atmosphere.


I played your game and gave feedback as well on how to improve it. 

This game needs alot improvement.
The fact that its so super buggy and that there is no Pause menu or sound slider.

At one point i couldnt switch my weapons anymore or reload.

And i cant change the mouse sensitivity.

But its very fun and i like the staging

There is not alot here...

Nice Game but this game needs improvements watch my video to find the bugs. Thanks for this Nice game. 4/5 

The game is really awesome and so much fun really liked it :D 

i hope you enjoy my gameplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3A9NXC7RLPY&feature=youtu.be

Really like the game, the WW1 level and atmosphere is spooky and good.

Its very good animations are amazing and graphically amazin